Remove your details and suppress further mail

Here at Mobility Furniture Company, we take your privacy and the processing of your personal data very seriously. We only wish to send our offers to those who may require and appreciate the use of our services.

For this reason we have prepared the below form, completing this form will add your details to our mailing suppression list. We provide this list to our mailing partners before any mail order to ensure all our newest requests are most up to date.

Because of the length of a mailing cycle, once the form is completed, you may still receive our offers and promotions for the next 35 days as mailing orders already in the mail house will be activly being processed. Filling out the form will however, ensure that no future mailings are created against the details you’ve provided.

If you have any problems utilizing the form, or are unsure if your request has been processed, you can contact our data controller at any time at .  Full details of this process and a direct contact are available at

To request your details be removed from our mailing list, please fill out the form below.