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Our Range of Back Styles

A selection of different Back Styles are availbe on our chairs to suit a wide range of needs and requirements.

Please ask one of our demonstrators for advice on the most suitable one for your needs.

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Two Tier Back Styles


Our newest back option, due to popular demand. Filling the top cushion with extra padding to suit personal taste can create one of the most comfortable options there is.

Waterfall Back Styles

The most popular back, as it is not only supporting but soft at the same time. Also, it is possible to remove fillings in each cushion to suit personal taste and individual comfort requirements.

Button Back Styles

The button back tends to be the firmest type of back available. Due to the buttoning, the fillings are slightly compressed and therefore firmer. However, for support, it is very comfortable.

Cushion Back Styles


A very comfortable back, softer than most and suitable for most back problems. The top, large back cushion is sewn laterally to hold the internal fibre in place for longevity. This back option offers good head support in the recline position.

Lumbar Support Back Styles

This back is a combination of a waterfall back and a cushion back, with the addition of two sides lower lumbar region cushions for extra lower back support. It also has the benefit of keeping the user in the centre of the chair.

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