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Our customers can enjoy consistent style throughout their home thanks to our range of settees and mobility sofa beds, all available in matching styles to our range of rise and recliner chairs.

Our mobility sofa beds provide a safe, secure and supremely comfortable experience, whether you are sitting or sleeping. For more information and to see our full range of settees and mobility sofa beds, please contact us for a brochure or arrange a free home demonstration. Learn more about our mobility bed and homecare furniture range if this suits your taste better.

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The Surrey

The Surrey collection comes with a beautiful pleated scrolled arm. Availble in a vast array of upholstery.


The Hampshire

The Hampshire collection has an added layer of padding on the arm rests for that extra bit of comfort.

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More information about our mobility sofas and setees

How we sit and how long we sit can be important to our level of rest and relaxation, but also our health. Poor seating in your home can make existing physical issues worse, but can also lead to back, neck and leg pains, stiffness and cramping and a range of other unpleasant side-effects.

As such, it is doubly important to choose the right settee or sofa bed if this is what you are after. This is because you will not just be sitting in these but also sleeping. The added amount of time doing these two things means you should invest in sofa bed that suits your needs and provides a level of comfort you are happy with. A badly made product will quickly lose its integrity across its entire structure – especially when people of different weights or resting positions use it for any length of time.

Even the strongest looking sofa – which you “sink in to” – can prove to be uncomfortable once you have been resting on it for some time. If it’s a sofa bed, you could find it excellent to sit on, only to realise that you or your guests face a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. In this way, we can never overstate the importance of choosing a sofa bed that’s comfortable for both sleeping and sitting, as well as being suited to your home décor.

Stylish and practical mobility sofa beds and settees

Buying sofas and settees is an important purchase for a homeowner’s space. With so many amazing styles, fabrics and finishes available to choose from, it’s always challenging to find the style that is perfect for your home. However, often people forget that buying seating – especially sofas – should not simply be about what they look like.

The Mobility Furniture Company works with top designers and manufacturers to find settees and sofa beds that are big on comfort and support, without compromising good looks. Like our mobility chair and bed ranges, our sofa beds come in a range of styles to suit your needs, while providing the support required for people with limited mobility or poor circulation.

What are the health benefits of a mobility sofa bed?

Mobility sofa beds and settees – and matching chairs for elderly homeowners – are carefully engineered to meet a range of important physical and health needs. Every item from our range has been created using quality components, which are durable and can maintain their integrity even with extensive use. They also have shapes and structures to make sitting – and rising up afterwards – ergonomically supported.

Having such a long-lasting and well-designed sofa bed means that people, whatever their physical condition, will have their needs attended to. The mobility sofa beds in our range are expertly designed and crafted to easily transition between purposes. This means minimum stress for you when turning your sofa to a bed and back again. However, it also means strain on the moving parts, as we ensure that all components are hard-wearing for many years.

Customising your mobility sofa bed for your needs

The range from Mobility Furniture Company also includes competitively priced, attractive but expertly designed chair beds for the elderly. These offer options on both price point and features, to match budgets but also the various needs of older people.

All items in the range share the same attention to detail, reliable functioning and durability. They are also all designed to help occupiers and their carers to make adjustments to posture with ease, to provide the perfect seating for complex physical needs – that can double as a supportive sleeping surface.