How long should a rise and recliner chair last?

When choosing a Rise and Recliner chair it is important to consider how long they should last.

As our loved one’s age, we need to think about how we can help them to remain as independent and mobile as possible in their own home.

This is when you need to consider the benefits of using recliner chairs for people with limited mobility.

Rise and recline chairs are easy to use, available in a range of fabrics and sizes and will ultimately help the older person to remain independent in their own home. Many relatives are concerned about the longevity of recliner chairs and how they should be looked after. As long as you look after your rise and recline chair, it will last for many years. Below we explore all these issues plus the benefits of looking after your recliner chair.

Looking after those electrics

One of the biggest concerns about rise and recline chairs is how long the electrics will last. The good news is that the electric mechanism will last a long time as long as you follow a few simple rules and take care of your chair. It’s important that you only plug your rise and recline chair into the mains socket, and not an extension lead. This will prevent any overloading and subsequent damage to the electrics of the chair. You can also prevent any damage to the electric mechanism by keeping the space underneath the chair free of debris and objects.

Regular maintenance of the electrics

The electric cable should be checked weekly for any signs of wear and tear and obvious damage. It is possible to replace the electric cable if damaged to preserve the smooth and safe running of the mechanics. It is also important that the rise and recline chair is kept in a warm and dry room, as damp can affect the electrics. Also, never place this type of chair outdoors.

About batteries

Back up batteries and rechargeable batteries both help to prolong the life of your rise and recline chair. A backup battery will keep the chair operational if there is a power cut. This can only be used once and then needs to be replaced. A rechargeable battery will also do the same job and does not need to be replaced. You just need to remember to keep it topped up.

Looking after the fabric cover

Just as with any form of furniture, you will need to carry out maintenance on the fabric of your chair to make it last longer and to keep it in good condition. You can buy protective sprays that protect the fabric against spilt drinks and food. As an added precaution, you can also add a small throw that can be removed and washed when needed. Many rise and recline chairs also come with removable cushion and seat covers for easy maintenance.

Everyday care for your recliner

There are a few things that you can do every day to keep your chair functioning properly and looking as good as possible. When you do your daily or every other day hoovering, give the rise and recline chair a quick vacuum to rid it of any dust or debris. Just remember to get into all of those nooks and crannies. You also need to tackle any stains as soon as they occur with a damp cloth.

Care for a leather rise and recline chair

It’s a good idea to use a steam cleaner on your leather chair every six months or so to lift any stains or marks. You can also help to protect the leather from cracks and drying out by using a leather oil or wax, make sure to apply a leather conditioner regularly.

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