How to choose the perfect recliner chair

When purchasing expensive items, you should always look to get your monies worth. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to choose the perfect recliner chair for your needs.

Rise and Recliner chairs have become synonymous with comfort and relaxation. Few things feel as good as retiring to your rise and recliner chair at the end of the day. The reason why these chairs are so relaxing is that they allow blood to circulate freely and evenly around the body. Also, the chairs take the pressure off the spine, allowing you to rest your tired back. Not many people know this, but rise and recliner chairs also help to open up the diaphragm, meaning you will be able to breathe more easily.

Although these chairs have many advantages, you will miss out on many of them if you choose the wrong product. With recliner chairs, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. For this reason, you should carefully shop for a recliner seat that suits you individually.

Here are some factors you should consider when trying to choose the perfect recliner chair:

1. Find a size that fits your body shape and living space

Recliners come in different dimensions. The most common sizes are compact, standard, and grand. All the major sellers of recliners in the United Kingdom, including Mobility Furniture Company, sell seats in these common sizes. That means you can find out which size fits you best and make your order online. Make sure you consider other factors like the foot position, the seat depth, and the seat height. Besides your body shape, the recliner should also fit the room you’re planning to house it in.

2. Choose the right type of recliner chair

There are many different types of recliners, and each of them is developed to serve a specific purpose. Some of them are useful for medical problems like limited mobility and back pains, while others are meant to help you relax by massaging your back and legs. Some of the common types of recliners include rocker recliners, wall-huggers, rise and recline chairs, and massage recliners. You should first create a short list of your primary concerns, then find a product which meets those specific needs. For example, recliner chairs for elderly people should be able to help them get up easily.

3. Don’t be cheap when looking at recliner chairs

Considering the high prices of recliners, you may be tempted to go for a product of lower quality. But don’t. Such products will last for a very short time that it would really just be like flushing money down the toilet. Instead, you can save money over time and invest in a product that will be around for more than eight years. The extra benefit of high-quality products is the fact that you will get to enjoy higher levels of comfort. Cheaper products are typically made of inferior quality materials which are not as comfortable.

4. Decide on your most important features

Recliners come with many different features. To make sure you get a product that suits you, start by making a list of your most essential features. Some things you can consider include high leg lift, a built-in USB charger, a rocker or glider base, a massage feature, a heating feature, a swivel base, and a lay-flat feature. Some features may be necessary for people with medical issues.


Recliner chairs can provide very high levels of assistance, relaxation and comfort. It is very easy to pick the wrong products when shopping for recliners, mainly because there are many different types of recliner chairs. To select the right product, you should learn about the different types and vital features. You should also pick a product that fits your body shape and your living space. As with most other things, the best recliners will be quite expensive. Don’t be tempted to buy cheaper products as they will get damaged quickly.