Struggling to find a comfortable chair?

With the wide range of comfort chairs for the elderly available, it is a tough task to find the right one for you.

It is a well-known fact that as we get older, we tend to spend more time sitting down. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, you want to be safe in the knowledge that you are using the best chair available and that it will assist with any mobility issues. If you feel stiff, cramped or achy when you stand or if you struggle to get out of the chair at all, then it is time to upgrade to something more comfortable. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours can have an adverse effect on your health – both physically and mentally.

What are the benefits of a comfort chair?

The benefits of using a comfort chairs for the elderly are vast. Maintaining good posture is hugely important as we get older as our muscles can grow weaker and tired, meaning that we tend to hunch over or favour one side. Poor posture can have an adverse effect on other parts of your body causing urinary infections, chest and lung infections and pressure sores. Having the correct chair can vastly improve your posture which, in turn, could improve other health issues. As you grow older, comfort is key and should come first when choosing a chair.

At Mobility Furniture Company, we offer a wide range of comfortable chairs to suit everyone, including those with mobility issues.

How to choose the right chair for you

Choosing the right chair is a very important task, but it shouldn’t be a daunting one. Mobility Furniture Company works with its trusted and specialist suppliers to offer chairs which are structurally sound, offer long-term support and comfort, all whilst being an attractive piece of furniture to suit any decor. Rest assured that you will get more than a chair when you shop with us – you will get knowledge, care and time too.

What you should be looking for:

Depending on whether or not you have a specific medical condition, the following points should be taken into account when choosing a comfortable chair for yourself or a loved one:

• Your head should sit squarely and comfortably in the middle of the top cushion
• There shouldn’t be a gap between your lower torso and the chair
• There should be a small (or no) gap behind the bend of the knee (when in a sitting position)
• Your thighs should be horizontal, spreading your weight evenly
• The soles of your feet should be able to sit flat on the ground when resting
• There should be adjustable options available to ensure you achieve the best sitting position

Different varieties

There are many different styles of comfort chairs for the elderly or if you have limited mobility. Take the time to consider which is the best fit for you:

Luxury reclining chair

The ultimate in comfort, the luxury reclining chair can be easily adjusted to find the correct position and height to allow you to rest with ease.

Electric reclining chair

Easy to adjust and extremely comfortable, electric reclining chairs can accurately reflect seat height, depth, posture and arm space to give you a comfortable position.

Rise and recline chairs

Specially designed to help people with limited mobility to get in and out of chairs, they can be adjusted in a variety of ways to help with mobility issues, whilst being comfortable and easy to use.

Orthopaedic chairs

A chair’s comfort is based on how supportive and posture-aware it is. Mobility Furniture Company’s wide range of orthopaedic chairs has been specially designed to bring comfort to a variety of physical needs, as well as supporting the spine, neck, legs and arms correctly.